The Pistoia Alliance Bioassay FAIR Annotation project develops digital standards for bioassay metadata, provides annotations of bioassay method descriptions according to these standards, and makes them available publicly. At this time we created a data model for the assay methods descriptions based on the business needs of the funding organisations, and then used this data model to annotate a collection of 2353 assay protocols picked from diverse sources. We are now working with publishing companies, pharmaceutical firms, the US FDA, and the NIH to define a new industry standard for communication and reporting assay metadata.

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A Data Management Plan documents the specific attributes expected for your FAIR objectives.

  • Prepare the Data Management Plan as early as possible


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Discover how Bayer builds a harmonised FAIR data asset based on Health Care Professional partners.

  • A knowledge graph from federated data integration
  • Enables reuse by different consumers
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Learn how SciBite unlock the value of bioassay data through semantic enrichment of metadata to create FAIR annotation.

  • Unified annotation from ontologies across an area of business
  • Standardized metadata for any application
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Find out how AstraZeneca deploy a policy for identifiers to construct a FAIR infrastructure across the enterprise.

  • A Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI) policy for the enterprise
  • A pilot server for persistent URIs
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