Elucidata tackles challenges in finding and reusing data through its curation app and custom curation of relevant data.

  • Reduced turnaround time; unlocked previously inaccessible datasets

  • Transformed target identification timeline in cancer immunotherapy


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The Pistoia Alliance Bioassay FAIR Annotation project develops digital standards for bioassay metadata, provides annotations of bioassay method descriptions according to these standards, and makes them available publicly.

  • Proposed a minimal information model for assay metadata. It is now used by the FDA IVP project.
  • Annotated close to 2,800 previously published assay methods.


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A Data Management Plan documents the specific attributes expected for your FAIR objectives.

  • Prepare the Data Management Plan as early as possible


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Discover how Bayer builds a harmonised FAIR data asset based on Health Care Professional partners.

  • A knowledge graph from federated data integration
  • Enables reuse by different consumers
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Learn how SciBite unlock the value of bioassay data through semantic enrichment of metadata to create FAIR annotation.

  • Unified annotation from ontologies across an area of business
  • Standardized metadata for any application
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Find out how AstraZeneca deploy a policy for identifiers to construct a FAIR infrastructure across the enterprise.

  • A Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI) policy for the enterprise
  • A pilot server for persistent URIs
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